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Dancewerks Regional Werkshops

Dancewerks is pleased to offer dance workshops taught by professional instructors at your studio. These custom-designed weekend dance intensives are geared to competition or studio dancers who aspire to rigorously train, enhance their performance skills and refine their technique.

Regional Werkshop InstructionDesigned and developed by Ellen Werksman, Dancewerks Werkshops provide “Real dance taught by real dancers” with instructors who are experienced, trained professionals well versed in the newest techniques and latest industry trends.
When you host a Dancewerks Regional Werkshop in your studio, a personalized process is set in motion. Dancewerks begins by focusing on each studio’s aspirations and goals. Studio expectations and student capabilities are evaluated through a mutually determined process, and workshops are then tailored to suit those needs. In this way, studio owners can ensure the best investment through a truly customized workshop experience.
With a Regional Werkshop, your studio, your students, and their parents benefit. Dancewerks makes it easy for you to give your students access to the benefits of an elite dance workshop without costly travel expenses. Additionally, student-teacher ratios are kept to an acceptable limit to promote true dance education, personal classroom attention, customized programming, and flexible class scheduling.
Dancewerks Regional Werkshops give emerging dancers the edge they need for their next competition – or simply to take them to the next level in the art of dance!

Dancewerks also offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for your students, including the opportunity to become a BRAVO Dancer.

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